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Infrastructure service and maintenance

Responsible for providing services to students, teachers, government officials and individuals both inside and outside the University. And Mae hia to support the work of the Office of Job Corps center in the living room.Physical Systems the infrastructure Caring about the environment and waste water treatment. Responsible for all the public universities and Mae hia the cover art for all residential buildings. Building / lab Farmland and roads, such as serving on the electrical system, water supply system telephony system for the water supply. System maintenance mechanic sewage system. Divided into seven units.

  1. Division of Electric Power Supply is responsible for monitoring the electrical system of the university. And Mae hia, all 24, including the maintenance of high voltage equipment, low voltage electrical systems in public buildings. Material and equipment of the university.
  2. Division of Telephone Services management system of the University doi Mae hia and the 24-hour operation, installation, supervision and maintenance.
  3. Division of Water Supply, Maintenance, and Repair Handles repairs Maintenance of water supply pipeline. Ware and local university and the Hill farm แmi hia, 24 hours a day.
  4. Division of Water Supply is responsible for the production Water supply within the University. And farm แmi hia, 24, and supervise maintenance catchment water reservoir glass basins and manholes another two sets of system water first series and produced water raa a six pack of water per day to approximately 13,500 cubic meters.
  5. Division of Water Water Control and Treatment Supply Handles sewage And wastewater pipeline systems of the University. And Mae hia all 24 hours without water control system sets two main sets located at the Faculty of Nursing and Mae hia. A sump pump sewage eight wells also one must check Mechanical maintenance Pipeline pump sewage pond clarifier tanks, grease traps and septic tank to be available always.
  6. Division of Mechanics and Repair is responsible for monitoring services Auto Maintenance Motorcycles, tractors, mowers and machinery, including the restored building fences and shelters public.
  7. Division of Computer System is responsible for the storage infrastructure of the University. And the applicant together the charge for electricity, water and telephone bills. To collect usage the balance of payment. Users to pay money to the treasury.

Infrastructure Service And Maintenance