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Design and Construction

Responsible for the design drawings for the construction supervision. All departments within the university. This is a task that requires a sense of responsibility and a fair amount of current design and construction have an obligation to be responsible. Which may be broadly categorized as follows.

  • Design of building structures of all kinds Designed by the design and construction. Division of Building and Public Facilities.
  • Estimated construction in design and construction.
  • Supervisory control and construction of all other on-campus.
  • Job survey examining and mapping the campus.
  • Control and information On the grounds of the university.
  • Survey Design and Drafting infrastructure of the university.
  • A joint committee to hire all the buildings on campus.
  • Advise and consult on various projects.
  • Participate in activities due to the construction of the house, and all the institutions of the university.

Design and construction of the current division into three different units.

  1. Division of Architectural Affairs
  2. Division of Engineering Affairs
  3. Division of Monitoring Evaluation

Design and Construction